About the Moderator


I am Daniel Maillet,

I manage this blog. That includes re-posting CAF news from several reputable news sources and on the odd occasion, post an original article expressing my views on the CAF.

Joseph D R Maillet, OCT

My interest and awareness in the Canadian Armed Forces started at a young age; growing up with my father and one of my Grandfathers being members of the RCAF. My other Grandfather was a member of the Canadian Army. I grew up around the Air Force, and took a liking to the idea of flying. At 14 I joined the Air Cadets, where I remained until I aged out of the program; leaving with the rank of Warrant Office 1st Class; and commanding a squadron of nearly 100 cadets. I spent summers training in Bagotville and Valcartier, Quebec, and became even closer to the military. 

During my Undergraduate degree I considered joining the CAF; however, the recruiting office was pushing for front-line infantry for deployment to Afghanistan. I don't blame them, it was 2008; and the height of the fight for Kandahar Province, I declined. Instead, I turned towards my next passion, History. I finished my undergrad and went to Teachers College, but my interested and (to some) obsession with the CAF has never waned. 

Currently, I am an active high school teacher in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Outside of teaching, As a dedicated passionate teacher/learner of history, I am always looking to learn something new from research and my students. I work hard everyday to help my students become self-motivated independent learners.  Aside from being a teacher, I also run my own private tutoring business.

For as long as I can remember I have loved history, and found it frustrating how many of my classmates, and most recently students believe that history is boring. I hope to change that persona in the minds of my students, and help grow a future generation of great historians. 

I have had the opportunity to travel to the Battlefields of France, Belgium and the Netherlands on two occasions; first in 2007 as a participant of the 90th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge Celebrations, where I represented L/Cpl Peter B. Armstrong who died on the ridge in 1917; and again in 2011 as part of a Battlefields Tour. I take every opportunity to use my experience on the Battlefields to teach my students the human cost of the two World Wars.