Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CAF and Exercise Unified Resolve

DND released information yesterday on Exercise UNIFIED RESOLVE 2015, which is taking place in Valcartier, Quebec, home of 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.

Approximately 550 Members of the 2nd Canadian Division (all part of 5 CMBG) and part of 2 CMBG (Petawawa) along with British Army Troops are training in Simulated environments as part of UNIFIED RESOLVE 2015.

The exercise is running from February 10 through February 27 2015. It is a key step in the training cycle and Road to High Readiness, part of the CAF's policy.

The training is specific to helping train command and control capabilities of an Army Brigade. Participants are using computer-generated scenarios which simulate realistic and complex situations including attacks and mobile defense.

The original release can be read here:

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