Sunday, February 1, 2015

Canada in Iraq - Are CSF Receiving Risk Allowance?

With all the debate of whether or not Canada's Special Forces (CSF) are in Combat in Northern Iraq, David Pugliese, of the Ottawa Citizen asks the Question: Are CSF receiving Risk Allowance pay that is usually attributed to being deployed to Combat zones.

The answer he receives from DND is what you would expect it to be - a non-answer answer that defined what risk allowance pay is and how it is divided in several different categories, but does not actually say where on the scale of $170 - $1017/month in hardship pay they are receiving or whether or not they are receiving the $678/month for "High Risk Zones"

To read the entire article please see the link below. David Pugliese says that if he receives an actual answer he will let his readers know.

Are CSF Receiving Risk Allowance? 

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