Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CAF Completes Op NUNALIVUT 2015

Every year since 2007, the Canadian Armed Forces has been conducting Operation NUNALIVUT. The sovereignty operation  over the Arctic region, and provides as opportunity for the CAF to assert its sovereignty over the northern regions, demonstrate its ability to operate in the harsh environment and remote areas of the High Arctic.
Op NINALIVUT 2015 ran from April 1-22 2015, where more than 200 CAF personnel deployed from across Canada. A temporary base was constructed near the site of North Warning System (NWS) Cambridge bay to accommodate the military personnel. More than 45 tonnes of materials were shipped into the temporary deployment site, mainly from Yellowknife and other locations further south.

This years operation highlighted the CAF's ability to respond to threats in the High Arctic, and was comprised of members from 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (1 CRPG), the 3 PPCLI, as well as the RCAF. The 2015 operation also invited members of the US National Guard along for the exercise.

Royal Canadian Navy divers were also involved in this years operation with Parks Canada underwater archaeologists. They spent time beneath the ice in the area of Victoria Strait in an effort to learn more about the fate of HMS Erebus, one of the two ill-fated Franklin Expedition ships lost in 1846 that was discovered last year.

CAF and CRPG members build Snow Walls to protect the modular tents from the Arctic winds during
Op NUNALIVUT 2015.  Photo: CF Combat Camera