Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Canada's Mission Costs Partly Revealed

Following yesterday's announcement that the Conservative Government would classify OP IMPACT and OP REASSURANCE's budget as classified, for the purpose of National Security. This caused both opposition parties to cry foul.

Today, Defence Minister Jason Kenney, announced that Canada's one year extension in Iraq and expansion into Syria will cost tax payers $406 million, and has instructed DND to include the figure in federal budget reports.

But the remaining details for the price of the missions may still be classified - which would be the first time since 1996/97 that such figures have been classified.

OP IMPACT has 600 troops in Kuwait, 6 CF-18s, 1 CC-150 Polaris, and 2 CP-140 Aurora Aircraft.

OP REASSURANCE has seen CF-18s patrol the Baltic's, RCN frigates deployed to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, as well as several rotations of troops preforming training with Baltic States as well as the Polish Army.