Sunday, May 31, 2015

CAF to participate in US led Caribbean Exercise

The CAF will participate in the US led Exercise TRADEWIND 15 in the Caribbean. The exercise will run from May 31 to June 24, 2015. The CAF will deploy marine and land assets to the exercise that will include 19 other nations. TRADEWING will mix air, land and sea exercises according to DND.

TRADEWING is an annual US led exercise focused on countering transnational organized crime, and providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

The Royal Canadian Navy will deploy HMCS Glace Bay and her 40 crew members, with a diving team from the Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic). The Glace Bay will focus on fire fighting, suspect vessel tracking and boarding procedures.

The Canadian Army will provide 34 personnel, from the 2nd RCR based out of Gagetown, New Brunswick. They will co-lead the exercise with US personnel as well as provide training on how to set up and run a firing range. Additionally, 12 CAF members will participate in jungle warfare training, which is being led by the Belize Defence Force.