Wednesday, June 10, 2015

RCAF surpasses 1000 sorties against ISIS and exceeds 100 Airstrikes

Yesterday DND announced that the RCAF has recently reached two milestones in the coalition campaign against ISIS.

Two CF-188 Hornet fighters prepare to resume their activities after being refueled by a CC-150T Polaris on February 4, 2015 during Operation Impact. PHOTO: Canadian Forces Combat Camera, DND
RCAF CF-18 Hornets prepare for aerial refuelling over Iraq in February 2015. Photo: CF Combat Camera 
The RCAF's contribution to OP IMPACT includes, 6 CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft, a CC-150T Polaris Air-to-Air refuelling tankers, and 2 CP-140 Aurora long-range patrol Aircraft. This grouping of aircraft provide the coalition with intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, aerial refuelling capabilities, and airstrike capabilities using precision guided munitions.

As of June 6th 2015, the RCAF had surpassed the 1000 sortie mark, flying its 1016th sortie. This includes 661 sorties by CF-18s, 185 by the CP-140 Aurora, and 170 by the CC-150T Polaris.

Also attained this month, CF-18s have now delivered more than 100 airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria with their most recent strikes on June 8th.