Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CAF Counter-Terrorism Exercise Planned Oct. 15-16

Some 400 members of the Canadian Armed Forces will partake in a counter-terrorism exercise off the coast of Nova Scotia on October 15 & 16  2015.

The exercise, FRONTIER SENTINEL will be jointly run with the United States; will include Joint-Task Force Atlantic, and the civilian ferry Princess of Acadia which will act as a vessel of "interest."

The RCN HMCS St. John's is scheduled to be part of the exercise, which will encompass elements of the Coast Guard, RCMP, Transport Canada, and Health Canada, plus our American counterparts.

FRONTIER SENTINEL started in 2006, and works with the US Coast Guard and US Navy to practice, evaluate, and make recommendations to enhance capabilities when responding to threats to North American Maritime Security.

In this years exercise, participants will respond to a hijacking and waterborne terrorist threat in the Yarmouth area.

The CAF will have approximately 400 members involves. 150 members will be on the ground, 250 members from HMCS St. John's and the CP-140 Aurora Crew of 15.

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