Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Canada in Iraq: Will Oct 17th Airstrike be RCAF CF-18s Last?

With the Liberal Majority win in yesterday's historic Canadian election, the closing curtain is starting for Air Task Force Iraq.

Many have noticed a decline in RCAF airstrikes against ISIS during the election - perhaps for less media attention, or because they were getting read to end operations.

The last airstrike conducted by the RCAF CF-18s took place on October 17th, when two CF-18s struck an ISIS fighting position northeast of Tal Afar.

RCAF CF-18 fires ordinance during a training exercise. National Post 
With the Liberals public call for an end to the bombing campaign, and more effort put into training the Iraqi forces, the question becomes, will the October 17th strike be the RCAF's last? Perhaps the last shots fired in Combat for the CF-18s within the RCAF in general, as the Liberals plan to re-open the competition for replacing the CF-18, and have vowed not to buy the F-35.

No official word on the stand down of Air Task Force Iraq. I will post news on the developing aspects of OP IMPACT as I get the news.

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