Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kenney: RCN could receive as few as 11 CSC's

Last week a report came out regarding the $26 billion dollar budget for the Royal Canadian Navy's Canadian Surface Combatant Fleet which is supposed to replace and modernize the 4 HMCS Iroquois destroyers and the 12 HMCS Halifax-Class Frigates.

The initial CSC order called for 16 vessels to be built under the program. That number was later reduced to 15 due to budgetary constraints.

On Friday, October 2, 2015 Defence Minister Jason Kenney confirmed the bottom number possible. Kenney indicated that the government will not just write a blank check to the CSC program to ensure that 15 vessels are built - inflation and planning are taking their toll on the $26 Billion fixed budget, that is loosing close to $1 million per day in delays.

Kenney confirmed Friday that the $26 billion will purchase between 11 - 15 CSC Vessels. So 11 is now the bottom number. Now the Navy is concerned it will not get enough vessels to maintain its current level of operations; both domestically or internationally.

The lowered number does not come as a surprise to many Navy insiders; who have hinted that the fixed budget could produce as few as 8 CSC vessels.

With 8 to 11 CSC the Navy might have to look elsewhere to find more vessels to increase the size of its fleet. It is the only Navy in the world belonging to a country that borders 3 Oceans - and it might be down to 8 major vessels. That is pretty sad for a Navy that was once the third largest in the world (Post World War Two).

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