Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cyclone Lands at sea on HMCS Halifax for First Time

Written by: JDM, CAFDispatch Author, 
Published February 24, 2016 

The RCAF says it has reached a milestone for the CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopter project. The Cyclone fort the first time was fully manned by RCAF personnel, landed on a Canadian warship at sea. This took place on Jan. 27 with HMCS Halifax off the coast of Nova Scotia.

HMCS Halifax also participated in “ship helo operating limits” (SHOL) trials last year. Those tests went for five months. The SHOL trials  this year restarted in January.

One of Canada's newly acquired CH-148 Cyclone helicopters practices landing procedures on HMCS Halifax off the coast of Nova Scotia on 28 January 2016.

Photo: Ordinary Seaman Raymond Kwan, Formation Imaging Services
A photo by a member of the Royal Canadian Navy, captures the Cyclone landing on the deck of HMCS Halifax.
Photo: CAF Combat Camera 
The Royal Canadian Navy, according to a Press Release from DND, says that HMCS Halifax will continue to operate with the Cyclone helicopter fleet for the remainder of the winter, conducting SHOL trials and furthering the ongoing integration of the Cyclone helicopter into naval operations. 

These updates were written by Sub-Lieutenant McCarthy, a member of HMCS Halifax’s crew, who provided updates on the program on DND's website.

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