Sunday, February 14, 2016

RCN Welcomes Spanish AOR on East Coast

DND Press Release 
February 12, 2016

Rear Admiral John Newton, Commander of Maritime Forces Atlantic, issued the following statement February 12, 2016, regarding the arrival of SPS Patiño:

“It is my great pleasure to welcome the Spanish replenishment ship SPS Patiño to Canada and to Halifax, Nova Scotia, today.

SPS Patiño will operate at sea, February through March, with the Canadian Atlantic Fleet, conducting replenishment and combat serials that will test all levels of ship and fleet readiness. SPS Patiño’s involvement with the Royal Canadian Navy highlights a special relationship developed and perfected through decades of operating together as enduring NATO Allies in coalitions and operations around the world. Just as HMCS Protecteur refuelled Spanish warships during operations to liberate Kuwait 25 years ago this month, SPS Patiño will now play an important role in support of the Royal Canadian Navy by helping my sailors retain the expertise necessary to work with replenishment ships in the demanding conditions of the wintertime North Atlantic.

I look forward to meeting with the command team and crew of SPS Patiño, and learning from their operational experiences, tactics and technologies in the best traditions of our trans-Atlantic security alliance." 

Arrival of SPS Patino
The Spanish AOR - SPS Patiño in Halifax on February 12, 2016.