Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spanish AOR Supporting RCN Returns to Spain

Written by David Pugliese, The Ottawa Citizen 

The Spanish Navy’s auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship Patiño has returned to Spain and arrived in port today, according to reports.

Patiño traveled to Canada in mid-February to provide supply and logistics support services to the Royal Canadian Navy on the east coast.

The Spanish Navy noted that the ship was used to train 63 RCN sailors in replenishment at sea techniques and other skills.

A second Spanish supply ship, Cantabria, is expected to travel to Canada in the fall to conduct similar support and training.

Canada is facing a supply ship gap as the new Joint Support Ships are not expected in the water until 2020/2021. Davie is working on converting a container ship into an interim refueller for the RCN. That is expected to be ready in late 2017.

Last summer Canada made arrangements with Chile’s navy to have a supply ship available on the west coast.

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