Monday, May 30, 2016

Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic conducts diver training in Jamaica as part of Exercise Tradewinds 16

National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces Press Release

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic will conduct diver training for Caribbean partner nations from May 30 to June 18, 2016, as part of Canada’s participation in Exercise Tradewinds 16.

Slide - Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic conducts diver training in Jamaica as part of Exercise Tradewinds 16

Hosted by the Caribbean Military Maritime Training Centre and run in Discovery Bay, Jamaica, the training involves instruction of select components of the Canadian Armed Forces Ship’s Team Diver Course. More comprehensive diver training will take place later in the exercise.

“Canada’s participation in Exercise Tradewinds 16 will enable members of the Canadian Armed Forces to share their knowledge and contribute to the development of new maritime standards being adopted by the Jamaican Defence Force and other Caribbean nations in a collaborative training environment.” Lieutenant-General Steve Bowes, Commander, Canadian Joint Operations Command

“This dive training will serve to enhance the skills of the Jamaican Defence Force and other Caribbean nations’ divers, thus increasing their overall interoperability. The training will allow students to apply their new-found skills and qualifications in an operational setting alongside their international partners.” Lieutenant-Commander William Barter, Commanding Officer, Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic

During previous Exercise Tradewinds, a specific requirement for modern dive training was identified in order to maximize Caribbean nation diver participation in more complex underwater operations. This requirement included systematic individual and team diving skills.

Developed to support Jamaica’s regional diver training school, the training will consist of basic diving theory and practical skills, dive physics, various underwater search techniques, sea floor recovery, and deep dive procedures. Training in dive medicine will also be provided to Jamaican Defence Force Medical Officers in advance of Exercise Tradewinds 16.

Exercise Tradewinds provides an important opportunity for the CAF to strengthen defence support between partner nations for civilian government-led disaster response efforts. Participation in the exercise also strengthens the defence capacity of regional partners to address threats to security and stability in the Caribbean.

Multinational exercises like Tradewinds develop skills and procedures that enhance interoperability, readiness, crisis response capabilities, and communications between partner nations.