Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HMCS Algonquin Being Towed to East Coast for Recycling

By David Pugliese, Defence Watch 

The former HMCS Algonquin is on its final journey, 9 May 2016, from CFB Esquimalt to Port Mersey Commercial Park, N.S., for disposal in October 2017. For decades, the warship proudly served the RCN and allies in locations throughout the world. The ship’s illustrious 41 years of service to the RCN include deployments to the Standing Naval Forces Atlantic Task Group, Gulf of Oman for Operation APOLLO and the Eastern Pacific to participate in Operation CARIBBE.  All of those operations were part of RCN contributions to international security operations. 

Image by: Leading Seaman David GariƩpy


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The former HCMS Algonquin left Esquimalt on Monday. It is being towed to the east coast where it will be broken up. The ship is expected to arrive in Nova Scotia in mid-June, Royal Canadian Navy officers told Defence Watch.

The former HMCS Protecteur arrived on the east coast a few weeks ago after a 56-day journey. It will also be broken up.

Photo courtesy of MARPAC.