Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Retried Read Admiral: No Need to Decide on Number of Warships Today

Reported by: David Pugliese,

The top procurement official in the Department of National Defence says there is no need – at this point – to figure out the number of Canadian Surface Combatants that are required. The Royal Canadian Navy had insisted that 15 is the minimum number needed. That figure is now up in the air.

“We’re talking about decisions for ships that will be in service for half a century,” said Pat Finn, the assistant deputy minister for materiel. “There is no need to decide on the exact number of ships today.”

Finn, a retried rear admiral, said during the construction of the Halifax-class frigates in the 1990s the number was determined as things progressed. “Certainly, we want to bring it as close to 15 as we can, but we also don’t need to make that decision right now,” he said.