Thursday, July 28, 2016

Canadian Army trains with Allied Forces in Romania during Exercise SABER GUARDIAN

DND Press Release:

Starting today until August 7, approximately 45 Canadian Army soldiers will be participating in Exercise SABER GUARDIAN 2016, a U.S.-led joint, multinational, regional exercise, in Cincu, Romania. In support of allied and partner nations, more than 2,500 soldiers from 11 countries will partake in the exercise designed to improve interoperability within a multinational brigade. The Canadian Army welcomes opportunities to train regularly with its closest allies to enhance cooperation and expand interoperability between forces.

Exercise SABER GUARDIAN 2016 will feature a computer-simulated exercise combined with a field training portion, leading up to a joint live-fire event. The Canadian Army will be taking a leadership role in the exercise, with key personnel overseeing combat support planning, as well as information and knowledge management processes.

Participation in SABER GUARDIAN contributes to the operational readiness of the Canadian Armed Forces, allowing the CAF to meet the likely tasks that the Government of Canada will assign.

“Canada will continue to prioritize building defence capabilities and nurturing partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe. Our participation in Exercise SABER GUARDIAN enables us to support our allies and help strengthen the resiliency of the region.”Harjit S. Sajjan, Defence Minister

Exercise SABER GUARDIAN 2016 is an opportunity for the Canadian Army to further strengthen its relationship with both its American counterparts and NATO regional partners. This type of training supports the Canadian Army’s broader engagement strategy for the European continent.
The Canadian Army contingent participating in Exercise SABER GUARDIAN includes approximately 45 infantry soldiers from the Operation REASSURANCE Land Task Force currently based in Poland, as well as personnel from 5th Canadian Division in Atlantic Canada. The Canadian platoon will be integrated within a Romanian battalion.

Exercise SABER GUARDIAN is an annual, multinational exercise that rotates between locations in Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.
Canadian and Polish Armed Forces members take a knee after exiting a helicopter during a fast rope exercise at Nowa Dęba Training Center in Nowa Dęba, Poland, on December 4, 2015, during Operation REASSURANCE. Photo: Corporal Nathan Moulton, Land Task Force Imagery, OP REASSURANCE