Monday, July 18, 2016

OP CALUMET welcomes new commander

DND Press Release

Mid-Last Week, Colonel Martin Lipcsey assumed command of Operation CALUMET from Colonel John Alexander today in the Sinai Peninsula, as part of Canada's contribution to the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) since 1985.

Canada’s Major-General Denis Thompson, Force Commander of the MFO, presided over the change of command ceremony held in South Camp.

Colonel Lipcsey commands approximately 70 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel who constitute Task Force El Gorah. The CAF contingent includes senior advisors, headquarters staff, and experts in fields such as logistics, engineering, and training, as well as a flight-following unit. It also includes Military Police officers who conduct community-based policing duties in the North and South camps of the multinational peacekeeping force.

“I extend a warm welcome to Colonel Lipcsey as he leads Canada’s continued contribution to this long-standing and important peacekeeping mission in the Middle East. Equally, I extend my sincere appreciation to Colonel Alexander for his work over the past year and wish Task Force El Gorah members a safe return home to family, friends, and colleagues.” -- Major-General Denis Thompson, Force Commander, Multinational Force and Observers

“I am honored by the opportunity to command a group of highly-trained professionals dedicated to keeping the peace between Egypt and Israel. I will conduct this mission in the footsteps of my predecessor and will continue to represent the Canadian Armed Forces in their contribution to the peacekeeping efforts of the Multinational Force and Observers.”Colonel Martin Lipcsey, Incoming Commander, Task Force El Gorah, Operation CALUMET

“I am extremely proud to have led this contingent of professional and dedicated Canadian Armed Forces members over the past year. I leave this mission with a great sense of accomplishment and I salute the achievements of the deployed personnel on Op CALUMET in support of peace and security in the region.” -- Colonel John Alexander, Outgoing Commander, Task Force El Gorah, Operation CALUMET

Quick Facts
The MFO is an independent international organization with peacekeeping responsibilities in the Sinai. It was established in 1981 by the United States with Egypt and Israel, and is responsible for supervising the implementation of Annex 1 (the “Security Annex”) of the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace.

Twelve nations: Australia, Canada, Colombia, the Czech Republic, the Republic of the Fiji Islands, France, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uruguay contribute some 1700 military and civilian personnel to the MFO.

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