Friday, August 12, 2016

Two RCN Vessels Leave on Arctic Deployment

Frontline Defence News 

The RCN is deploying two ships to Arctic waters this summer. HMCS Shawinigan and Monctondeparted from their home port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, today to conduct sovereignty and surveillance patrols as part of Operations Qimmiq and Nanook 2016.

While at sea, the ships will also be partnering with Canadian Hydrographic Services, Parks Canada, Canadian Coast Guard, and the Arctic Research Foundation to conduct hydrographic surveys.

“HMCS Moncton’s company is looking forward to meeting new people, working with other government departments to assist with making Canada’s North safer for navigation, and demonstrating our interoperability with other units of the Canadian Armed Forces,” said Lieutenant-Commander Nicole Robichaud, Commanding Officer HMCS Moncton

HMC Ships Shawinigan and Moncton will deploy for seven weeks to Canada’s Arctic in support of Operations Nanook and Qimmiq.

Operation Nanook is Canada’s largest sovereignty and presence operation in the North and takes place annually.

Operation Qimmiq is the Joint Task Force (North) surveillance and presence operation conducted continuously throughout the year in Canada’s North.

HMCS Moncton will be in Rankin Inlet on August 29 and HMCS Shawinigan will be in the Hamlet of Arctic Bay on September 8. HMCS Shawinigan will be donating a quantity of backpacks and school supplies to the community.
HMCS Moncton, a Kingston-class maritime coastal defence vessel sits anchored alongside the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson for fuelling in Nunavut during Operation Qimmiq on September 14, 2015. (Photo: Corporal Felicia Ogunniya, 12 Wing Imaging Services, Shearwater, N.S)