Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Op NANOOK 2017 Kicks Off

DND Press Release

Operation Nanook 2017 begins today at locations in Labrador and Nunavut. Nearly 900 military and civilian participants will take part in the 10th iteration of Canada’s annual northern sovereignty operation.

Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, commits Canada to increase its presence and operational effectiveness in the North. Operation Nanook enables the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to continually enhance its ability to operate effectively in the North while improving coordination with whole-of-government partners in responding to northern safety and security issues.
28 Aug – Members of 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group demonstrate how to make an emergency shelter during survival skills training near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut during Operation Nanook 2016. (Photo: Petty Officer Second Class Belinda Groves)
“The highest level of safety and security in Canada’s North is essential and Joint Task Force (North) consistently strives to respond to all incidents, whether a natural disaster or protection of Canadian sovereignty. However, no single stakeholder is able to operate unilaterally in the vastness of Canada’s North; partnerships must be established and nourished in order to meet operational objectives. Operation Nanook 2017 will provide a unique opportunity for multiple agencies to work together to combat a notional threat to the security of the population of the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet, NU. The benefit of multi-agency planning, coordinated deployment and focused execution is enormous. It permits development of relationships and understanding of capabilities that is essential to ensure a timely response to a real life crisis,” said Brigadier-General Mike Nixon, Commander, Joint Task Force (North).

“The challenging and remote coastal zone of northern Labrador will test the ability of Joint Task Force Atlantic to command and control Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force elements in mobility, surveillance and security tasks. Capitalizing on synergies with other government departments, communities, and industries, defence and security can be assured across Canada’s vast northern regions,” said Rear-Admiral John Newton, Commander, Maritime Forces Atlantic and Joint Task Force (Atlantic).

For the first time in its history, Operation Nanook 2017 is comprised of two scenarios conducted by two separate Regional Joint Task Forces.
  • In one scenario, conducted by Joint Task Force (North), the CAF will work with Other Government Departments and Agencies (OGDA) around Rankin Inlet, Nunavut to respond to a simulated barge fire and explosion.
  • In the other scenario, conducted by Joint Task Force Atlantic, CAF members will work with its OGDA partners to respond to a security scenario in northern Labrador.

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