Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Predator C 'Avenger' for the RCAF? A Possibility

As the RCAF restarts its search for unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles, General Atomics, a US based company that builds the Predator drones is very interested in bidding on the project.

The RCAF and Canadian Government expect a contract to be awarded by 2019 for the program they have named JUSTAS (Joint Unmanned Surveillance Targeting and Acquisition System).

General Atomics had previously announced that it would offer Canada the Predator 'B' propeller driven drone - however it will not meet all the program requirements for the JUSTAS bid - so now it says it will also offer the Predator C 'Avenger' which is jet powered.

General Atomics Predator C 'Avenger' - Proposed as part of the RCAF's JUSTAS program

General Atomics says the Avenger is powerful enough to fly through the jet stream where required, and will have a high level of operability in the Arctic regions of Canada, while the Predator 'B' can be used in other jurisdictions, both the 'B' and 'C' are NATO compatible, so Canada would be able to use them interchangeably on international operations.