Thursday, June 18, 2015

RCAF to start to receive CH-148 Cyclone

The government of Canada will announce Friday, June 19, 2015 at CFB Shearwater that the RCAF will begin to accept delivery of the CH-148 Cyclone helicopters built by Sikorsky.

Not all 28 helicopters will be delivered at once, and the delivery schedule has not been completely released. It is also important to note that those that are delivered will not be 100% functional - that will happen with upgrades to systems as other aircraft are delivered.

The CH-148 is set to replace the CH-124 Seaking Helicopter's that are retiring.

The entire project has been plagued by politics; started in 2004 by the Liberal government the project fell apart - and the Conservatives renegotiated with Sikosky, who paid penalties, has also agreed to a $115 Million for future upgrades. The Liberals remain attimant that the program fell apart under the watch of the Conservatives when they took power in 2006. The RCAF was supposed to take full delivery of the 28 CH-148 Cyclones by 2011. It is now 2015, and the first deliveries are taking place.