Monday, October 26, 2015

Possible FWSAR Training Center at CFB Comox

Industry insiders have informed the Ottawa Citizen's Defence Watch, that both Alenia Aermacchi and Airbus; who are the two firms that are expected to directly compete for the CAF's FWSAR replacement of the Buffalo Aircraft, are leaning towards establishing a FWSAR Training Center at 19 Wing Comox as part of their bidding process. Bids are due by January 2016 (in the latest attempt to purchase a replacement for the CC-115 Buffalo FWSAR that are nearing 50 years of age.) A replacement for the aircraft was due in 2009 - but the project has been shelved and delayed several times already.

Below is the Original Article published by David Pugliese. 

Representatives of Team Spartan, including Alenia Aermacchi director Roberto Leva and Ian McIntyre, training solutions specialist for DRS Technologies, recently announced the team’s plans to establish a FWSAR training centre at 19 Wing Comox as part of its bid for the Fixed Wing Search and Rescue project.

The team is offering the C-27J Spartan for the RCAF’s fixed wing search and rescue project. Bids are to be submitted by January.
An industry mock-up for the C-27J Spartan in CAF SAR colors 

Team Spartan noted that the request for proposals pointed out that any of the CF bases used for fixed wing search and rescue could house the operational training unit. Team Spartan is still flexible – if need be -on where the training centre could go but it has been working towards the approach that it will be established at 19 Wing Comox.

Airbus Defence, which is offering Canada the C-295 for FWSAR, is also leaning in that direction.
An industry mock-up for the C-295 in CAF SAR colors 
“We’ve not finalized that element of our bid yet, but Comox is currently the preferred location,” spokesman Michael Powell told Defence Watch.