Friday, December 18, 2015

Canada in Iraq: RCAF Strike ISIS Near Mosul in Support of Special Forces

In a press release on it's OP IMPACT webpage, DND announced that on 17 December 2015, while taking part in coalition operations in support of Iraqi security forces, two CF-18 Hornets successfully struck an ISIS fighting position northwest of Mosul using precision guided munitions.

The CF-18's were on patrol the region, when a large ISIS offensive pushed at the Kurdish Front lines. Canadian Special Forces were within 6 kilometers of the front lines, and some members were close enough to return fire on the ISIS militants. Canadian's called for air support, as hundreds of ISIS fighters attacked northwest of Mosul. 

There were no Canadian casualties in the 17 hour battle. The Kurdish forces suffered more than 70 casualties.

A RCAF CF-18  at its base in Kuwait. Its technician is setting the wheel chokes after the CF-18 returned from flight over Iraq, as part of OP IMPACT.  Photo: CAF Combat Camera