Monday, January 4, 2016

Den Tandt: Predicts CF-18s will Remain in Iraq

One of Michael Den Tandt's predictions for 2016 is that the Liberal Government will go back on at least one election promise, and it has to do with its decision to withdraw the CF-18s from Iraq.

In his 2016 Prediction opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen, Den Tandt, says, "Trudeau and his cabinet will reverse course on a couple of major policy files early in 2016. The first will be their pledge to withdraw Canadian CF-18 fighters from the battle against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant."

That could possibly happen, seeing has the US-led coalition has made big impacts over the past few weeks, helping Iraqi forces retake Ramadi, and planning on helping more in Mosul in the coming weeks.

The RCAF has conducted  17 airstrikes since December 23rd,  2015; mainly in the vicinity of Mosul, as well as Sinjar, Kisik, and Ramadi.