Wednesday, January 6, 2016

RCAF has 60 CAF Members Trained on CH-143 Cyclone

The RCAF continues to prepare for the introduction of the new Cyclone maritime helicopter. The RCAF is currently flying the aircraft, conducting Initial Operational Test and Evaluation, according to the Department of National Defence. Training of personnel is also continuing. “There are currently 40 technicians, 7 pilots, 6 air combat systems officers and 6 sensor operators currently trained on the Cyclone Block 1.0,” said DND spokesman Daniel Le Bouthillier.

As for the RCAF’s Sea Kings, 24 are currently in flying status, he added. To date, four aircraft have been removed from flying status but have yet to be formally disposed of, Le Bouthillier said. “Up to 4 more” will be removed from flying status in 2016, he noted.