Tuesday, January 23, 2018

GoC Holds Industry Day for CF-18 Replacement

By: David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen 

The federal government held an industry day on Monday in Ottawa for those firms interested in the new fighter jet acquisition.

The objective of the event is to present foreign governments and industry with the information required for them to make an informed decision about participating in the procurement, according to the federal government. In addition, the event will provide an opportunity for Canadian industry to network with foreign governments and fighter aircraft manufacturers, it added.

The Liberal government has committed to buying 88 new fighter jets to replace the CF-18 fleet.

The acquisition will include associated equipment, weapons, and sustainment set-up and services, according to the government.

According to the government, the basic parameters for a new jet include:
  • capable of performing missions from existing Canadian and allied bases.
  • capable of being interoperable within the context of NORAD and allied
  • capable of being deployable, operable, and sustainable worldwide in known threat environments into the 2060s, and be able to meet Canada’s military airworthiness regulations.
  • capable of having the potential to grow and evolve to maintain an operational advantage throughout its service life.
  • capable of including a comprehensive sustainment program that assures operational readiness and maintains mission effectiveness of the capability throughout its service life.

According to several industry sources, more than 400 suppliers and industry representatives were present yesterday in Ottawa. 

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