Thursday, February 12, 2015

CAF to the Ukraine? New Minister Hints at possibility

The new Defence Minister Jason Kenney hinted late Wednesday that Canada is considering joining the United States in training the Ukrainian Military. Kenney also left the option open to extending Canada's mission against ISIS.

Kenney did not confirm anything, and nothing from DND has anything being official yet, but US forces are considering deploying to the Ukraine to help train the military on how to better defend themselves against Russian weaponry, including artillery and rockets.

The US mission would not begin until March of 2015, and by that point Canada's mission in Iraq is set to expire - but the Conservatives are likely to extend the mission, especially now that President Obama has asked congress for a limited ground war - and the wording he used is very similar to the mission Canadian Special Forces are doing right now.

So perhaps come March, Canadian Forces will be adding another training mission in the Ukraine to their list of deployments.

Original Article from Maclean's Magazein.

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