Monday, February 9, 2015

RCAF Hopeful for New SAR planes

It has been more than 10 years since it was announced that the Canadian Governent would being looking at options to replace the DeHavilland CC-115 Buffalo aircraft used on the West Coast as Search and Rescue (SAR) planes for nearly 50 years!

But, hold your breath, that doesn't mean the Buffalo can retire yet - it will mass the half-a-centrury of service mark before new aircraft are purchased and delivered to the RCAF.

The RCAF is hopeful that Treasury Board will follow its schedule, which it currently plans on February 19, to send the bidding request to aerospace corporations for the estimated $3.1 Billion program.

With the looming Federal Election, do not expect a purchase announcement this year - even the aerospace industry knows this - but they have been ready for years and are just waiting for the official invitation to start bidding.

Alenia Aermacchi is pushing the C-27J Spartan which can be seen here at its Canadian website - painted in Canadian SAR colors to show why it is the best fit.

Airbus Military is pushing its C295 which can be seen here describing why they believe it is the best fit for Canada.

Lockheed Martin is promoting the C-130J Super Hercules (of which Canada already owns previous models)

Look for all of these companies to begin heavy lobbying for their aircraft - this has been in the planning since 2004 - and all three will push hard - and other companies may want to join the party.
C-130J 135th AS Maryland ANG in flight.jpg
C-130J Super Hercules

C-27J Spartan 

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