Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Canadian Spec. Ops in Town attacked by Boko Haram

Update* Feb 25th
CTV News learned late Monday night that Canadian Special Forces who are in Nigeria as part of Exercise Flintlock, are in the town of Diffa, which was attached by Boko Haram during mid day yesterday.

Boko Haram detonated a car bomb in the city around 3 in the afternoon local time. There was no immediate death toll for the attack.

DND has reported that no Canadians were injured in the attack.

Canadian Special Forces are participating in Exercise Flintlock, which is an annual military exercise designed to help train African militarizes in cooperation.

The Ottawa Citizen reported today that Canadian Special forces have pulled out of Diffa after the earlier attack by Boko Haram. Their training mission was supposed to last until March 9th has been moved, and they will continue training Nigerian forces at another location, which has yet to be disclosed.

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