Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Canada in Iraq: CF-18's Bomb Multiple ISIS Target

DND released late last night that CF-18 fighters bombed multiple ISIS positions in the past few days.

On March 7 2015, CF-18's bombed multiple ISIS fighting positions south of Kirkut.

While on March 8 2015, CF-18's bombed two ISIS ammunition caches south of Haditha.

DND also released information on its other assets in the field. The CC-150 Polaris refueling aircraft - as of March 8, it has completed 98 sorties, and delivering more than 5.6 million pounds of fuel to coalition aircraft. The CP-140 Aurora has completed 109 reconnaissance missions as of March 8.

Two CF-18 aircraft escort a CC-150 Polaris after being refueled over Iraq, February 4, 2015.
Photo: CF Combat Camera

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