Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Major Drug Bust for HMCS Goose Bay and HMCS Shawinigan

DND released today that HMCS Goose Bay and HMCS Shawinigan, had a major drug bust on March 1 2015 while patrolling the Caribbean Sea as part of Op CARIBEE 2015. They are supporting US Navy and US Coast Guard in the operation.

On March 1 2015, HMCS Goose Bay and HMCS Shawinigan helped USS Kauffman conduct an initial search of a suspected vessel. Goose Bay then conducted an additional inspection. With reason to believe there were narcotics on-board, a third search was completed by USCG Law Enforcement with the support of both Goose Bay  and Shawinigan. 

The result of the search was a seizire of 1017kg of cocaine. The crew of the vessel were taken into custody on-board the USS Kauffman. The entire operation lasted more than 36 hours.

This marks the first narcotics interception by the Royal Canadian Navy during the Op CARIBEE 2015.

HMCS Goose Bay off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia in June 2010. Photo: CF Combat Camera Cpl. Rick Ayer

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