Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Canada in Iraq: Possible Increase in CAF Deployment

Members of Op IMPACT carry the flag draped casket of Sgt. Doiron in Kuwait
on March 9 2015. Photo; CF Combat Camera

Canada's current mission in Iraq is set to expire April 7 2015, but no one expects Canada to withdraw from Operation IMPACT at that point. Defence Minister Kenney and Foreign Affairs Minister Nicholson both have said on the record that Canada is in the fights against ISIS for the long run. Even the Prime Minister has said Canada will not sit on the sidelines.

As the Conservative Cabinet gets to planning Canada's expected extension to the mission the consideration of deploying more Special Forces trainers to Norther Iraq is being considered. The Special Forces regiment in Petawawa has said they are ready for whatever the government asks of them, and are able to deploy quickly as the supply chain is already in place.

It was released yesterday that members of Canada's secret JTF2 group recently finished a tour in Northern Iraq before being replaced by the Special Forces Regiment out of Petawawa.

Col. (Ret) Day, former commander of JTF2, said yesterday that he wants to see an increase in the mandate of the mission, calling for Canada and other Western nations to allow their Special Forces to 'Manhunt' ISIS leaders, financiers, and supply coordinators.

Australia recently announced an increase of 300 soldiers headed to Iraq. So Canada might likely follow suit, or they could keep the status-quo.

Another option being considered is expanding the Air campaign into Syria, and the RCAF says they are ready for whatever the government asks them, but all decisions will be made by the government.

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